Sven Hoegh Petersen is Danish, graduating from the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University of Copenhagen, with a Master in Dairy Science and Technology. He has been working in the dairy and nutritional industry for 35 years.

Sven Hoegh Petersen

He started his carrier at DANISH TURNKEY DAIRIES and APV working in equipment design and manufacturing technology, followed by 14 years at NESTLÉ where he specialized in product development and manufacturing for Infant formula powders and demineralized whey.

With his education in Dairy Science and Technology, Sven Hoegh Petersen has wide knowledge about all Dairy based products and has through his carrier specialized in development, manufacturing and quality assurance of especially Infant- and Nutritional products as well as Dairy based Ingredients. Based on his experience working with market leaders in their fields he knows what it takes to be a winner in the market.

Sven Hoegh Petersen has gained significant know-how in engineering, ingredients, product formulation, product development and master all steps of the manufacturing process. Key to success in the Nutritional Industry is building quality into all steps of the supply chain and his passion is ensuring the quality and safeguarding the end consumer.

During his work with NESTLÉ he took part of significant developments like introducing probiotics into infant formulas, introducing Infant formulas for premature babies with LC PUFA and MCT and development of the self- foaming Cappuccino drinks and sterilized flavored cream.

As R&D Manager for ARLA FOOD INGREDIENTS he was the inventor of a patent “Method of reducing the spore content in a Honey Product and Products obtainable by the method (P20050803295 on 2005-11-15) enabling honey to be safely used for infants.

During his work as Team Leader of the ARLA FOOD INGREDIENTS Pediatric Team he tripled the sales and earnings of their ingredients to the infant formula market mainly by introducing science based ingredients like α-lactalbumin, osteopontin, MFGM and hydrolysates to a wider range of infant formula manufacturers ensuring significant growth in Asia and China. He also set up a clinical trial in the Children’s Hospital in Shanghai.

At LISA Sven Hoegh Petersen has been focussing on growing the consultancy business mainly executing Business-, Product-, Technology development projects but also doing Training, Audits and other projects for a wide range of Nutritional Clients.

Sven Hoegh Petersen is pragmatic, direct and easy going and likes to work with resultoriented clients that set high quality standards and demonstrate great commitment and involvement in their projects. He provides client-oriented consulting leaving the client system stronger than before he came.